CES 2006

There has been so much going on today at that I have not had a chance to process all of the new information and post it on the website – I was walking around in a fog (although that’s more due to the cold that I just got over). I thought I would be able to get back to where I’m staying and get some information up, but I’m exhausted and it’s a lot.

Just a few of the highlights – Toshiba and Lenovo both have announced dual-core Intel Centrino-based ultraportables (Lenovo’s is an update of the X series, Toshiba’s of the M200 Tablet PC series). Sadly the X series update was not widescreen (I had really hoped they would go widescreen). I didn’t get a chance to see either one up close, but plan on tracking down a lot of information about these and other ultraportables while I’m here.

Unfortunately I’m pretty much a one-man show when it comes to the website, and so I’m going to have to put updates off until tomorrow.

I was just going to put a bunch of quick little blurbs up, but I’d rather put up full pages for each new product with all specs, etc.