Dell Adds Penryn to XPS M1330

Seemingly out of nowhere (or perhaps it was just because people had started writing about Dell needing to roll out some Penryn-based laptops), Dell has started rolling out XPS M1330s with Intel Penryn CPUs in them. It’s not available in the US or many other … Read more

More on Intel’s Silverthorne

Arstechnica has published an in-depth article covering Intel’s Silverthorne processor, due out later this year. This thing is small (25mm) as you can see in the picture below, and clearly geared towards the ultramobile PC market. Silverthorne could easily end up in something like the … Read more

Toshiba Adds Penryn to Satellite U305

I received an e-mail this afternoon about a new Toshiba Satellite U305 that is Penryn-based – it’s the U305-S2816. Poking around the web, a few sites are mentioning it, including PR Inside and Notebook Review. It’s available for pre-order through Amazon for $1350 , as … Read more

Sony SZ7 Series Shipping, Taking Pre-Orders

Sony is starting to make available some models of the new VAIO VGN SZ7 series (last month, Notebook Review came across the information on Sony’s website as well as online retailers). At some point it will be fully replacing the SZ6 series. While it shares … Read more