2.5-inch Hard Drive Shortage in 3Q 2008?

Could the rise in popularity of netbooks / sub-notebooks such as the HP 2133 Mini-Note cause an overal shortage in the global supply of 2.5-inch hard drives later this year? That’s what DigiTimes is reporting – with the increase in manufacturing of these devices, plus … Read more

Netflix Player by Roku

Quite a few of us have Netflix accounts (Netflix is a online DVD rental company – they mail DVDs out to you, you watch them, send them back in the pre-paid mailer and then get a new one). Netflix and Roku have announced theNetflix Player. … Read more

VIA and Nvidia: Ultramobile VN Platform

NVidia and VIA Technologies are working on a new platform, the VN Platform, targeted towards smaller laptops and UMPCs, and competing against Intel’s nettop, netbook and Mobile Internet Device (MID) initiatives. It will use VIA’s existing C7 CPUs, as well as VIA C8 CPUs, and … Read more

Laptop Batteries: Safer, 30% More Energy?

Within the near future, a new development in Lithium-Ion batteries could improve battery life for laptops, or it could create a situation where batteries are smaller. The researchers are talking about a 30% increase in energy, not to mention safer, and longer-lasting.

When you look at Intel’s efforts to reduce power consumption (and to be fair, AMD and VIA), as well as the increase in backlit-LED displays, in theory, laptop/notebook and UMPC manufacturers could go one of two ways: Devices similar to some of the designs we now see, but with a 30% (or more depending on CPU/chipset) increase in battery life. Alternatively, they could design devices quite a bit smaller or thinner, but with the same battery life we see these days (say reduce the battery size by 30%.

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