Windows 7 Selling Like Crazy in the UK

Microsoft’s Windows 7 is selling like crazy in the UK – the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Family Pack for XP or Vista is selling particularly well (constantly jumping up and down on the best seller list), as is the Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade Edition … Read more

Microsoft Windows 7, the Starter Edition

Channel Insider has an article up discussing the pros and cons of Microsoft’s plans as far as netbooks and the upcoming Windows 7. Specifically, they discuss the Windows 7 Starter Edition, which is going to be a stripped-down version of the “regular” Windows 7 versions/distributions. … Read more

Windows XP Available Through 2010 for New PCs?

AppleInsider claims that a source at Hewlett-Packard has told them that Microsoft has agreed to allow Windows XP as an option on new PCs/laptops through at least April 30, 2010. They reference an internal memo/email discussing Microsoft’s plans in regards to XP and Windows 7 … Read more