ECS G10IL Hands-On (LAPTOP Magazine)

Today at Computex, Joanna Stern from LAPTOP Magazine got a hands-on with the ECS G10IL netbook. The model she had access to was the 10.2-inch model. The G10IL is powered by Intel’s Atom CPU (Joanna actually found it at the Intel Atom booth), and the … Read more

Sharp Willcom D4 – Hands On (Akihabara)

Although it’s a bit pricier than most of the so-called netbooks or sub-notebooks (around $1300 USD), it’s been an eagerly watched ultraportable, and Akihabara News has received a major scoop – they have one of the first, if not the first, hands-on previews/reviews of the … Read more

3K Longitude 400 Announced

Another day, another netbook (well technically yesterday I suppose). 3K has announced the 3K Longitude 400, a $399 netbook/ subnotebook with a 7-inch display and powered by a 400MHz “Ingenic” CPU. 3K claims it has a “full-size” keyboard. The 7″ display has a resolution of … Read more