Panasonic ToughBook 30 vs GammaTech Durabook D15RP (Engadget)

Engadget has posted a review/comparison of the current rugged Intel Centrino 2-based 13.3″ Panasonic ToughBook 30 versus the semi-rugged 15.4″ GammaTech Durabook D15RP. The ToughBook 30 isn’t exactly ultraportable – it weighs in at over 8 pounds, however it’s one of the most rugged/durable in … Read more

HP Mini 2140 Review (liliputing)

On Sunday, Brad at liliputing published his review of the professional/business-oriented 10.1-inch HP Mini 2140 netbook. HP has included better webcam software than most manufacturers, including the ability to record audio-only, as well as controlling the webcam itself (resolution, zoom, backlight levels, output format). With … Read more

LG X120 – Taken Apart

If you are interested in seeing what’s under the hood of the upcoming LG X120, Linus Tech Tips Blog has taken apart a European model. The European model at least has a glossy screen (and when the LG X120 is available in the US, it … Read more

All Sony VAIO P Models/Options Benchmarked (Pocketables)

Jenn Lee over at Pocketables has assembled a comprehensive look at the 8-inch high-resolution (1600×768) Sony VAIO P Series, including faster models not yet available in the US. The models available in the US are all powered by Intel’s 1.33GHz Z520 Atom CPU (the 1.6GHz … Read more

MSI X-Slim X340 Hands-On (SlashGear)

SlashGear has posted a hands-on look at the new 13-inch MSI X-Slim X340 with several photos. They’ve also included the press release from MSI, where MSI better explains how the X340 differs from the X-Slim X320 which shares a similar size and design. MSI describes … Read more