Steve Jobs Overseeing Ultraportable Apple / Mac?

With the announcement last month of a major update to Apple’s iPhone OS (version 3.0), a lot more of us began to wonder about whether Apple would be scaling the iPhone’s interface up to something larger, perhaps netbook-sized. Keep in mind that the iPhone is … Read more

Windows XP Available Through 2010 for New PCs?

AppleInsider claims that a source at Hewlett-Packard has told them that Microsoft has agreed to allow Windows XP as an option on new PCs/laptops through at least April 30, 2010. They reference an internal memo/email discussing Microsoft’s plans in regards to XP and Windows 7 … Read more

Dell’s Future Plans for its Inspiron Mini 10 and 11 has gotten their hands on what could be the roadmap for Dell’s future plans in regards to the 10-inch Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook/ultraportable, as well as a new offering that will be slightly bigger and some changes to the Mini 10 and Inspiron … Read more

HP, Acer, and CULV Notebooks/Laptops

Last week it was reported that Intel would be aggressive with it’s CULV platform (Consumer Ultra Low Voltage), and it looks like HP and Acer could play a large part of that plan. DigiTimes is reporting that Hewlett-Packard plans on introducing multiple 13.3-inch CULV-based devices … Read more

Dell Latitude 2100 Netbook Leaked?

Gizmodo has been sent a slide and some information about a possible new netbook from Dell that would be geared towards the education market. It’s being called the Dell Latitude 2100 or the Latitude 2100 ‘Welch’. The 10-inch Intel Atom-powered netbook/ultraportable does look different, both … Read more