Ultraportable Gateway Tablet PC Convertible Coming?

GottaBeMobile.com and other sites are reporting that Gateway is close to releasing a convertible (Tablet PC plus a physical keyboard) laptop, with a 12-inch display. Andrew Kostin’s blog has more details, as well as a link to the user guide. It’s going to have both … Read more

Fujitsu “Helios” – New Ultraportable

jkOnTheRun has news from a reader at 3GSM (along with a pic, although parts of the laptop are hidden from view) of a new ultraportable laptop from Fujitsu, codename “Helios”:

Bruce tells us that the codename for the model is “Helios” and will be considered an ultraportable notebook, possibly weighing in just over 1 kilogram. Clearly, Fujitsu is keeping the “Helios” under wraps since they’ve got most of it undercover;

You can read more about it at jkOnTheRun

Dell Latitude 420 – More Information

Back at the end of March, I mentioned an article from CNET about rumors of a Dell Latitude D420. I also mentioned that the X1 appeared close to being replaced (since then, the X1 was replaced by the XPS M1210), and with the 710M already available, and with Intel’s new Core Duo/Centrino platform becoming widely available, it would only be a matter of time before Dell upgraded the ultraportable Latitude (other Latitude notebooks have already been upgrade).

Is Today the Day for a 13.3 or 12.1 inch MacBook?

So is the much discussed 12-inch iBook and PowerBook replacement just around the corner? The rumor mills are churning out all kinds of information; that it will have a 13.3-inch widescreen display, that it will be called the MacBook and will replace both the 12-inch and 14-inch iBooks, as well as the 12-inch PowerBook, that it will be priced slightly higher than previous iBooks, slightly thinner, multiple colors (I would imagine black and white and nothing more), that it will be based on Core Duo or there will be both Core Duo and Core Solo versions available.

I would have said that it would be Core Duo only, since the price difference between the two is small, and the Duo offers a lot more, but the Intel Mac mini proved me wrong, and having a Core Solo CPU would definitely differentiate between the MacBook and MacBook Pro – in the past, the gap between the iBooks and PowerBooks had narrowed considerably, and now is Apple’s chance to widen that again.

Announced/Leaked: Dell XPS M1210

Looks like specifications and high-resolution images of the new Dell XPS M1210 have been released. It’s supposedly slated for a mid-May release. Back at the end of March, when the Samsung Q35 was released, we speculated that we might soon see a Dell Latitude X2 (or whatever it will be called). It looks like this might be in effect the Latitude X1’s replacement, instead of a X2, as the specifications are very similar (and a Samsung ultraportable notebook was the basis for the X1).