Austek To Build 1.2 Million iBooks?

According to Forbes, Austek has been contracted to build 1.2 million Intel-powered iBooks with 13.3 widescreen displays (the displays are from AU Optronics Corp, Chi Mei Optoelectronics Corp, and LG Philips LCD). No word on if it’s Core Solo or Core Duo. These have been rumored for quite a long time, and this is the first solid evidence we have of them.

They are expected to ship to customers in June. It’s safe to assume that they will have the same dual-boot capability (Windows and Mac OS X) that current Intel-based Macs have.

Apple’s 30th B-Day and New MacBook Rumors

WHERE’S THE RUMORS? Sorry for shouting, it’s just very peculiar that all of the normal Apple/Mac rumor sites have been quiet about a new series of Apple ultraportables. There’s been a few events come and go over the past few months with plenty of rumors whirling around those, whether it’s patent applications or 13.3-inch widescreen iBooks (well MacBooks I guess) or 11.1-inch MacBook mini’s or MacTablets or whatever.

Rumors of the Dell Latitude 420

Just a few days ago I mentioned the announcement of the Samsung Q35, which replaced the laptop that was the basis for the Dell Latitude X1.

CNET Asia is reporting that a replacement for the Latitude 410 could be just around the corner. It’s a good candidate for an Intel Core Duo update – it shares some of the same features of the X1, minus the lighter weight and the widescreen display and falls in between the X1 and the consumer-oriented Inspiron 710M (which I could see going with a Intel Core Solo CPU.

This week Dell has announced several major updates to its higher-end and/or larger lineups – the Dell Latitude 620 and 820, and the Precision M65 and M90, all of which received the Intel Centrino platform updates.

Apple Patents – An Apple Tablet? mentions some new patents Apple applied for that would indcate some kind of Mac OS X based Tablet. The interesting thing is how “gestures” are used to manipulate the data – some of the UI elements include “floating” elements – like an iPod-like wheel popping up on the screen, allowing you to use it like the controls of an iPod. Another interface – turnign the surface of the Tablet into a mixing board. There is also the ever ubiquitous turning half the screen into a laptop keyboard, similar to how some PDAs handle on-screen keyboards.