Quick Note – Small-Laptops.com – June 10 – June 13

Just a quick note, both of us are traveling which has limited our access. There will be a large update this coming weekend (June 13/14), with a big wrap-up of news out of Computex, as well as some more information about the Lenovo ThinkPad X200 … Read more

Computex Coverage at Small-Laptops.com

Over the next few days, we will be bringing you what amounts to a few dozen stories covering a lot of announcements that are coming out of Computex 2008, currently being held through June 7, 2008, in Taipei, Taiwan, so Small-Laptops.com will basically be Computex-only … Read more

Site Contact Info Fixed

We have fixed the Small-Laptops.com contact form and do apologize for any problems. As always, you can email us at ultraportable@gmail.com or news@small-laptops.com Thanks, D.C.

Site Update: April 13, 2008

As you can tell, I’ve upgraded the site template. It should load faster (especially on dial-up connections), it should be easier to read and navigate, and it should work and look much better in a variety of browsers and languages (through Google’s translation tools). It’s … Read more

Quick Update for March 2008

There’s been a lot of news in the past week (go go CeBIT 2008), and we’ve not posted some of it. We are currently working on an upgrade to the website design and forums, but will be getting back to posting news tomorrow. We are … Read more