Apple MacBook Gets 256GB SSD Option

If you are in the market for one of the 13.3-inch Unibody/Aluminum MacBooks that was introduced last year, Apple has now added a new storage option. It’s a 256GB Solid State Drive (SSD). It’s going to run you $900 USD. For a comparison, the baseline … Read more

Netbooks Boosting Cloud Computing?

Jason Hiner at ZDNet, has written an article, “Are netbooks quietly driving us toward cloud computing?” He’s laid out a case that not only are netbooks/subnotebooks bucking the current trends of the PC industry (shrinking sales with some companies), but that they are poised to … Read more

Seagate Drops Patent Suit Against STEC Over SSDs

Back in April of 2008, there were several stories about Seagate Technology LLC filing a lawsuit against STEC inc., alleging various patent infringements covering Solid State Drive (SSD or Solid State Disk) technology. Prior to the lawsuit, Seagate’s CEO Bill Watkins made some comments that … Read more

Toshiba Picks Up Fujitsu’s HDD Business

Fujitsu Limited and Toshiba Corporation have announced today that Fujitsu will be transferring its hard drive (Hard Disk Drive – HDD) business over to Toshiba, through the creation of a new company. Fujitsu will move its HDD-related assets and business into this new company, in … Read more

Netbooks to Get Special Hard Drives?

Even as prices drop on higher capacity 2.5″ laptop harddrives (HDD), it turns out that netbook manufacturers are looking for something even cheaper. Seagate Technology, Western Digital and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies are all working on 2.5″ HDDs that are 40-50% cheaper than existing 2.5-inch … Read more