Dell Latitude XT – Multi-Touch Capability Details

As we mentioned earlier this morning from a story in today’s edition of the Austin-American Statesman, Dell will be adding multi-touch capabilities to the Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC / Convertible tomorrow. In addition to the already mentioned Firefox, Microsoft Office, and Google Earth, multi-touch … Read more

Dell Latitude XT – Multitouch Downloads – Tuesday

Update #2: Final Details Update: Link to the article: Austin-American Statesman Tuesday, Dell will be making software available to add additional multitouch functionality to its Dell Latitude XT line. I thought some of these were already available, but apparently not. The Austin-American Statesman, in the … Read more

Panasonic Toughbook CF-U1 Review (TR)

TrustedReviews has published one of the first reviews of the new 5.6-inch Panasonic Toughbook CF-U1, which represents a new direction in Panasonic’s line of “rugged” ultraportables. The CF-U1 is based on an Intel Atom Z520 CPU running at 1.33GHz, and has either a 16 or … Read more

Gigabyte M912V: Europe and Asia Only

If you are located in the US or Canada and were looking forward to the Gigabyte M912V, you may have to go through an importer like Dynamism. Why, you ask, would we need to import it? In trying to obtain more information about the maximum … Read more

Gigabyte Netbook M912V Press Release

In a follow-up to yesterday’s story about the M912V, Tim sent in a link to the official Gigabyte press release: – Press Release They are calling it the “Netbook-M912V”. They have it weighing in at 1.3kg (just under 2.9 pounds), They also mention that … Read more