VIA versus Intel in Netbooks / Sub-Notebooks

There’s a very interesting competition going on when it comes to Netbooks / Sub-Notebooks and their CPUs. It doesn’t involve AMD – it’s basically Intel versus VIA Technologies, Right now, the main face-off, as far as the public is concerned, is between Intel-powered devices such … Read more

NVIDIA and VIA’s Isaiah CPU Launch

Following up on a story from a couple of weeks ago, VIA Technologies is set to launch their Isaiah CPU next week, a few days prior to Computex. According to CNET, NVidia will be taking part in the launch, and will be providing the graphics … Read more

VIA: 45nm, Dual-Core CPUs, Isaiah news

VIA Technologies is working on moving towards a 45nm process for its CPU manufacturing, and expects to have dual-core versions of this CPU towards the end of 2009. VIA also announced more details concerning it’s upcoming Isaiah-based CPU. It will be 2GHz, with a frontside … Read more

HP 2133 Mini-Note – Annoyances, Heat

HP Compaq 2133 Mini-Note For all of the positive press and reviews that the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC has received, there are some issues and annoyances being found by some.

Joanna Stern over at LAPTOP Magazine felt (literally and figuratively) that it was getting hot, although it was a pre-production unit. However, Brad Linder over at Liliputing found some heat problems as well.

Brad has also listed nine annoyances about the Mini-Note that he’s found.

Among them:
– a better CPU is desired for multi-tasking.
– a two-prong instead of three-prong A/C adapter would be more suitable for some environments.
– the aforementioned heat.

I’m still planning on getting one, but holding off for a few weeks until the customizable options are available as well as to see if any changes are going to be made.

LAPTOP Magazine

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UMPC Podcast no. 14. (Via, Intel Atom)

jkkmobile: UMPC Podcast no. 14. (from jkOnTheRun) has been posted at the link above. This week’s podcast covers the Intel Atom on ultraportable platforms versus the current offerings from VIA and the impact on netbooks. Speaking of jkOnTheRun, James Kendrick made a good post on … Read more