VIA and Nvidia: Ultramobile VN Platform

NVidia and VIA Technologies are working on a new platform, the VN Platform, targeted towards smaller laptops and UMPCs, and competing against Intel’s nettop, netbook and Mobile Internet Device (MID) initiatives. It will use VIA’s existing C7 CPUs, as well as VIA C8 CPUs, and … Read more

Acer, Asustek to Ship A Lot of 8.9-inch Laptops

Update: Acer’s offering is now known as the Acer Aspire One Surprise, Acer and Asustek expect to ship a lot of ultraportable laptops with 8.9-inch displays. When I say a lot, I’m talking millions. According to Digitimes, Acer alone is look at 5-5.5 million of … Read more

HP Compaq 2133 – Entry Level – $499, VIA?

I mentioned an article on CNET about how maybe the Palm Foleo wasn’t such a bad idea. There was a single line in the article that mentioned the would-be UMPC laptop (or subnotebook or whatever) from HP, the HP Compaq 2133, and Kevin Tofel at … Read more

HP Compaq 2133 Roundup

Continuing our trend of discussing the Asus Eee PC’s competition, Several articles have started popping up about the HP Compaq 2133, including a very interesting one about what might be under the hood of the 2133. We should almost treat these as rumors at this … Read more

Everex CloudBook Selling Out Before Launch?

It would appear that the Everex CloudBook is going to be a hit. The 7″ VIA-based competitor to the Asus Eee PC has already sold out at ZaReason and it hasn’t even been released yet. ZaReason has this message on their CloudBook page: We have … Read more