Dell Inspiron Duo

A 10-inch “convertible” or “netvertible” as some call it, running a dual-core Intel Atom CPU. The 10-inch display is a multi-touch display, and the device will be powered by Windows 7 Premium. Unlike many “convertible” laptops, where a screen is mounted on a swivel/pivot point and is rotated around and laid flat across the keyboard, the screen rotates or “flips” within the frame of the display as you can see in the photo above. Also see the videos towards the bottom of this page for an actual demonstration.

The display can be used in one of three ways – as a tablet in either landscape or portrait orientation, or as a convential notebook/laptop display. The “Duo” in the name refers to a sort of “dual personality” that the Inspiron Duo has, in regards to being both a Tablet PC and a netbook, since the screen can be flipped back and forth.

Dell Inspiron Duo Specifications
– 10-inch multi-touch display
– Dual-core Intel Atom N550 CPU
– Windows 7 Premium
– Chiclet/island style keyboard
– Headphone jack
– At least 2x USB 2.0 ports
– Webcam
– WiMAX/Wifi

– Blue
– Red
– Black

– Partly leaked in April of 2010
– Officially revealed at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2010 in San Francisco, on September 14, 2010
– In late September, Michael Dell showed off a 7-inch version. Whether this becomes available later on is uncertain.
– Available sometime before the end of 2010 (between November and December 31st) Update: Now due the first week in December of 2010

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