Gigabyte M912M vs M912X

UMPC Portal has done a comparison between two models of the 8.9″ convertible Gigabyte M912 netbook – one of the very few netbooks that converts back and forth between a Tablet-style device and a regular laptop-style device. They are comparing the M912M with the M912X … Read more

Gigabyte M912V Review (LAPTOP Mag)

Joanna Stern over at LAPTOP Magazine has published her full review of the convertible 8.9″ Gigabyte M912V, one of the most interesting of the netbooks / sub-notebooks. The model reviewed , the M912V can be had for $699 USD (a very good price given that … Read more

Gigabyte M912 Unboxing, Video

If you want to see the kinds of ultraportable devices that we in North America will probably never see (unless we pay extra to import it), head over to the LAPTOP Magazine Blog – Joanna Stern’s dealer (her Taiwanese mini-notebook dealer that is) has shipped … Read more