Press Release: HP 2730p, 2530p, 2230s

HP has put out its official press release about their new line of 12.1″ ultraportables, the convertible (Tablet PC) HP EliteBook 2730p, the HP Compaq 2230s (both of which had been previously announced earlier this month and last month), as well as the newly-announced HP … Read more

HP compaq 2230s Announced

HP Compaq has announced a new ultraportable 12.1″ laptop geared towards small and medium businesses, the HP Compaq 2230s. It’ll probably share some components and designs with the 12.1-inch HP Compaq 2730p. There are currently half a dozen pre-configured models, ranging from $999 – $1,649 … Read more

HP Compaq 2230s

Summary: 12.1″, Intel Core 2 Duo, Business / Professional, Last Updated: August 18, 2008 Similar Laptops: – Related to HP Compaq 2730p – Slightly resembers the HP Compaq 2510p

HP EliteBook 2530p

Product Name: HP EliteBook 2530p Summary: – 12.1″, Intel Centrino 2 Low Voltage/Ultra Low Voltage, Rugged – Search SL’s archives for HP 2530p news – Markets: Business/Professional – Regions: Worldwide – This Page Updated: October 31, 2008 Notes: – Both Low Voltage and Ultra Low … Read more