Dell’s Future Plans for its Inspiron Mini 10 and 11 has gotten their hands on what could be the roadmap for Dell’s future plans in regards to the 10-inch Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook/ultraportable, as well as a new offering that will be slightly bigger and some changes to the Mini 10 and Inspiron … Read more

Dell Adds HD (1366×768) Displays to Inspiron Mini 10

It looks like the 10.1-inch Intel Atom powered Dell Inspiron Mini 10 will be the first of the mainstream Atom-powered netbooks/ultraportables to have a High Definition (HD) display. For $35 over the normal price, you can add the 1366×768 display to your build-to-order Inspiron Mini … Read more

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Review (LAPTOP Mag)

On Friday, LAPTOP Magazine posted their review of the new 10.1-inch Dell Inspiron Mini 10. The Inspiron Mini 10 joins the 8.9-inch Inspiron Mini 9 and Inspiron Mini 12 in Dell’s Intel Atom-powered netbook/ultraportable lineup. The Mini 10 comes with a Z530 Silverthorne CPU, still … Read more

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 – Look Under the Hood, Ships in April

The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (or Dell Inspiron 1010 as it’s sometimes referred to) was just made available fore pre-order last week, initially through QVC, but now it’s currently available for pre-order through the Dell Home and Home Office Store, with a tentative ship date … Read more