MSI X320 Hands-On (LAPTOP Mag, SlashGear)

LAPTOP Magazine got a hands-on with the new 13.4″ 16:9 Intel Atom-powered X Slim X320. The X320 they tried out was running Microsoft Windows Vista Basic. This is interesting – they mentioned that the 8-cell battery that MSI claims will give the X320 up to … Read more

MSI X-Slim X320 – Under $900?

One of the largest, if not the largest, Intel Atom-powered ultraportables, the 13.4-inch MSI X-Slim X320, may sell for around $850 USD. We’ve been waiting since the X320 was formally announced back in January for a price. The official line was that it would be … Read more

MSI X-Slim X320 Announced

The MSI X-Slim Series X320. Where does it fit in? Is it a notebook? Yes, albeit underpowered with the Atom, given the size. Is it a netbook? It’s got a 13.4″ display….but it also has an Intel Atom CPU. While MSI refers to their new … Read more

MSI X-Slim X320

Product Name: MSI X-Slim X320 Summary: – 13.4″ Display, Intel Atom, 2009 – Search SL’s archives for the MSI X320 – Markets: Professional – Regions: Worldwide – This Page Updated: Jan 7, 2009 Notes: – 13.4″ 16:9 Glossy Display – 19.8mm Thick (0.78 inches) – … Read more

MSI X-Slim X340 Hands-On (SlashGear)

SlashGear has posted a hands-on look at the new 13-inch MSI X-Slim X340 with several photos. They’ve also included the press release from MSI, where MSI better explains how the X340 differs from the X-Slim X320 which shares a similar size and design. MSI describes … Read more