Laptop Drivers

Master list of driver links/pages for laptops/notebooks. Note: Newer laptops may not be listed here – refer to their page for driver links.

Last Updated: February 29, 2008

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Current Laptop List
Discontinued laptop list

Note: The links below takes you to the website in (). Drivers for the laptop models listed below the link can be found at that link, unless otherwise noted. Notes about availability or alternatives will also be found under the links. These are primarily North American listings. We will try to include other markets as we find driver pages.

Drivers/BIOS: Acer Laptop Drivers (
– Acer Aspire 2920, 2920z,
– Acer Ferrari 1000, 1004WTMi, 1100,
– Acer TravelMate 3000 series (3001, 3002), 3010, 3040, 6291, 6292, C110 series (C113), C200 series (C203, C204)
– Acer TravelMate 3020 (Probably there under another model – either 3010 series or 3040 series)

Drivers/BIOS: Alienware (
– Alienware Sentia, M3200

Drivers/BIOS: Acorn (UK) (
– Acorn Solonote sn-1 and Solonote sn-2

Drivers/BIOS: Advent (
– Advent 7078 (Same as ECS G220)
– See also ECS Taiwan and ECS USA

Drivers/BIOS: AJP / INS-Systems LTd – (UK) – No driver downloads
– AJP S262 (Same as MSI S262 – see Downloads)
– AJP M520A Unsure – Maybe MSI as well – see link above.

Drivers/Firmware: Apple (
Note: Apple Mac hardware drivers included on MacOS or Mac OS X installation media.
– iBook G3, G4
– PowerBook G3, G4
– MacBook
– MacBook Air

– Asus Eee PC
– F9 Series (F9J)
– R1 Series (R1E, R1F)
– S6 Series (S6F)
– Asus T83 – Unsure
– U1, U1F, U2, U2E, U3, U5, U6
Note: W5A, W5Ae, W5F, W5Fe – Use search function at that page
– W7 Series (W7S)
– Z33 Series, Z33A

Drivers/BIOS: Averatec (
– Averatec 1020 / 1050 – Listed under 1000 series
– Averatec 1579 – May meed to contact Averatec
– Averatec 2200 series
– Averatec 2371 – Listed under 2300 series
– Averatec 3700 series

Drivers/BIOS: CyberPower (
Generic Driver Links
– Xplorer U3-3000 same as Uniwill X20II (see UniWill/ECS website)
– Xplorer U3-2000 – see generic drivers link above
– Xplorer U3-1000 – see generic drivers link above

Drivers/BIOS: Daewoo Lucoms – See links below
– Lucoms Solo 2800 – See (Korean)
– Solo CN250 – See (Korean)

Drivers/BIOS: Dell (
– Dell Inspiron 300M, 700M, 710M
– Dell Latitude D410, D420, D430
– Dell Latitude X1
– Dell Latitude XT
– Dell XPS M1210, M1330

Drivers/BIOS: ECS Elitegroup (
– ECS G220 (Look “Wireless & Mobile”)

Drivers/BIOS: Ego Lifestyle (
– Tulip Ego Diamond

Drivers/BIOS: Electrovaya
Note: No driver downloads, only Contact Information
– Electrovaya Scribbler SC3000

Drivers/BIOS: Epson
– Epson Endeavor NT350 – see Epson Direct Shop (Japanese)

Drivers/BIOS: Everex (
– Everex CloudBook
– Everex StepNote SA2053T

Drivers/BIOS: Flybook (…download)
– Flybook V5
– Flybook V3

Drivers/BIOS: Fujitsu (
– Fujitsu LifeBook B6110D, B6210, B6220, B6230
– Fujitsu LifeBook P1000, P1120, P1510D, P1610, P1620
– Fujitsu LifeBook P7010, P7010D, P7120, P7230
– Fujitsu LifeBook P8010, P8240
– Fujitsu LifeBook S2110
– Fujitsu LifeBook T2010, T4020, T4020D, T4210, T4215, T4220
– Fujitsu LifeBook T8140, T8240
– Fujitsu LifeBoko U810 / U1010 / U8240
– Fujitsu FMV BIBLO MG,
– Fujitsu LOOX T70M/MT, LOOX P70R

Drivers/BIOS: Fujitsu Siemens (
– AMILO Pro V3205 Edition
– ESPRIMO Mobile U9200
– LifeBook Q2010

Drivers/BIOS: GammaTech (
– Gammatech Slimnote N12PY
– Gammatech Durabook D13RY
– Gammatech N10PI, N12PI N23PA, N23PB, N23PS

Drivers/BIOS: Gateway (
Note: Support has moved to MPC – look here:
– Gateway E-155C, C-120X, E0100Mb, E-100M, NX100X

Drivers/BIOS: General Dynamics / Itronics (…)
– GoBook III
– GoBook VR-1, VR-2
– GoBook MR-1 Drivers not available at this time. Maybe available later at the link above.
– HUMMER Laptop Drivers not available at this time. Maybe available later at the link above.

Drivers/BIOS: GETAC (
– GETAC A790 B100, V100, W130

Drivers/BIOS: Gigabyte (
– Gigabyte N203, N211U
– Gigabyte U60 (UMPC)
– Gigabyte W251U

Drivers/BIOS: Haier (
– Haier V60

Drivers/BIOS: HCL Infosytems
– HCL MiLeap Y Series Tablet : Device not available yet

Drivers/BIOS: Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Compaq (…)
– Compaq Presario B1801 (under “B1800”Note released yet!)
– HP Comapq 2210b series
– HP Compaq 2510p series
– HP Compaq 2710p series
– HP Compaq nc2400, nc4200, nc4400,
– HP Compaq tc4200, tc4400
– HP Compaq tx1000 series (tx1000z, etc., under “tx1000”)
– HP Comapq tx2000 series (tx2000z, etc., under “tx2000”)

Drivers/BIOS: HTC
– HTC Shift : Driver eventually available here (US) :

Drivers/BIOS: Lenovo and IBM ThinkPads (
– ThinkPad X32
– ThinkPad X300, IdeaPad (including the eventual U110)
– ThinkPad X40, X41, X41 Tablet
– ThinkPad X60, X60s, X60 Tablet, X61, X61s, X61 Tablet
– ThinkPad Reserve, Xiang Olympic
– Lenovo 3000 V100, 3000 V200

Drivers/BIOS: iBuyPower Computers (
Note: May have to refer to the OEM sites for drivers
– Battalion 101
– Gigabyte N203

Drivers/BIOS: JVC
Should be at but no longer there
– Mobile Mini Note (MP-XV841US)

Drivers/BIOS: Kojinsha
– Kojinsha E8 : Product not available yet

Drivers/BIOS: LG Electronics (
Note: Select Asia as region and Japan as country as an example, then Notebook, then select “Series” and go from there
– LG PR300
– LG R200
– LG Xnote TX

Drivers/BIOS: Motorola
Should be available through
– Motorola ML910 and MW810

Drivers/BIOS: Mouse (Japan) (…/user_support2/) (Japanese)
– m-Book PR / PR200

Drivers/BIOS: MPC Computers (
MPC TransPort U1000 and U1100

Drivers/BIOS: MSI Micro-Star International (…downloadindex)
– MSI PR200
– MSI S262 YA, S262, S271, 1221

Drivers/BIOS: Megabook (…)
– MEGABOOK S271-491KR ( This is the same as the MSI S271 listed above)

Drivers/BIOS: NEC (
Note: Will have to search at the above site under the specific country of origin
– NEC LaVie J Series
– NEC LaVie G Type J
– NEC PC Parafield
– NEC VersaPro UltraLite

Drivers/BIOS: OQO (
– OQO Model 01+

– OQO Model 02 XP, Model 02 Vista

Drivers/BIOS: Panasonic (
Note: Some of these will ahve to be searched for on the non-US site
Panasonic Toughbook Support / Drivers (
– Panasonic R6
– Panasonic Toughbook CF-30 / 30, CF-74 / 74
– Panasonic Toughbook T4
– Panasonic Toughbook W4, W5, W7

Drivers/BIOS: (
– PowerPro I 12:1, 12:2, 12:5
– PowerPro C 3:15 (Z33Ae)

Drivers/BIOS: Prostar (….download)
– ProStar PS 1282

Drivers/BIOS: Rayservers
– Rayservers Panasonic CF-30 Crypto (Cerebus) : Refer to above Panasonic Toughbook Support page (Panasonic section)

Drivers/BIOS: Rock / RockDirect (
– Rock Pegasus 330, 335

Drivers/BIOS: Samsung (
Note: You might have to search for your specific model number
– Samsung Q25, Q30, Q35, Q70 (aka SENSQ70)

Drivers/BIOS: Sharp USA (…)
– Sharp Actius MP30, MP30P

Drivers/BIOS: Sony Customer Care (
VERY IMPORTANT! – On the right-hand side of the page, under “Product Support”, under “Technical”, select “Downloads/Drivers”. A Window will pop up that will allow you to select your country and then you type in your model. Make sure you have pop-up windows enabled for this site! The model needs to include “VGN-” in front of it (see below).
Sony VAIO Laptops:
– VGN-SZ170P
– VGN-SZ370P
– VGN-SZ650N, SZ660N, SZ670N, SZ680N, SZ691N
– VGN-SZ7 Series
– Type G
– VGN-T250/L
– VGN-T350P/L, T350P/S, T350P/T, T360P/L
– VGN-TX610P/B, TX630P/B, TX650P/B, TX670P/B, TX670P/W, TX670P/L, TX690P/L
– VGN-TX750P, TX770P, TX790P
– VGN-TX850P
– VGN-TZ11
– VGN-TZ90
– VGN-TZ150N, TZ170N, TZ180N, TZ190N, TZ191N
– VGN-TZ240N/B, TZ250N, TZ270N/B, TZ285N/RC, TZ295N/XC, TZ298N/XC
– VGN-UX180, ux180P, UX280, UX380N, UX390, UX480, UX490, UX490N/C
– VGN-X505VP

Drivers/BIOS: Sotec( (Japanese)
– Sotec WinBook WS334

Drivers/BIOS: Systemax PC
Drivers may not be available
– Systemax Pursuit 4105, 4110

Drivers/BIOS: Toshiba (
– libretto U100, U100-S213, U105
– Portege M100
– Portege M200, M200-S218TD, M200-S838, M205-S809, M205-S810
– Portege M300
– Portege M400-EZ5031, M400-S4031, M400-S4032, M400-S433, M400-S434, M400-S435, , M400-S5032, , M400-S5032X, M400-S933, M400-ST4001, M400-ST4035, M400-ST9113, M405-S8003
– Portege M700, M700-S7001x, M700-S7002, M700-S7008, M700-S7008X
– Portege R100
– Portege R200, R200-S2031, R200-S2032, R200-S2062, R200-S214, R205-S234, R205-S2062
– Portege R300-S3031
– Portege R400-S4831, R400-S4832, R400-S4833, R400-S4834, R400-S4835, R400-S4931, R400-S49311, R400-S4932, R400-S4933, R405
– Portege R500-S5001X, R500-S5002, R500-S5002x, R500-S5003, R500-S5004, R500-S5005, R500-S8199
– Satellite U200, U200-ST2091, U200-ST2092, U200-ST3311, U205, U205-S5002, U205-S5021, U205-S5022, U205-S5034, U205-S5044, U205-S5057, U205-S5058, U205-S5067, U205-S5068
– Satellite U300-ST3091, U300-ST3092, U300-ST3094, U305-S2804, U305-S2806, U305-S2808, U305-S2812, U305-S2816, U305-S077, U305-S5087, U305-S59097, U305-S5107, U305-S5127, U305-S57402, U305-S7432, U305-S7446, U305-S7448, U305-S7449, U305-S7467, U305-S7477
– Tecra M6-EZ6611, M6-EZ6612, M6-EZ6711, M6-ST3412
– Tecra M8-S8011, M8-S8011X, M8-ST3093, M8-ST3094
The following need to be looked up on the Japanese Toshiba page
– Toshiba Dynabook SS RX1, Dynabook SS M40
– Toshiba Portege M600

Drivers/BIOS: Twinhead (GammaTech)
Refer to the GammaTech link about half-way up this web page for the drivers.
– Twinhead N23PB

Drivers/BIOS: TwoTop/MSI
Refer to the MSI links further up this web page for the drivers to this one:
– Lesance MS212IW-C2D-GT
– VIP Note MW3s – (

Drivers/BIOS: Voodoo (
The above link takes you to the Voodoo PC forums where you can find assistance
– Voodoo Envy a:228
– Vodooo Envy f:121
– Voodoo Envy i:222

Drivers/BIOS: FlipStart (
– Vulcan FlipStart E-1001S – Refer to above link for support

Drivers/BIOS: WinBook / Micro Center (
Note: Drivers may not be available. Use the above link for more information
– WinBook LX300
– WinBook TL30
– WinBook X500, X510, X512, X520, X522, X530, X540
– WinBook X610

Drivers/BIOS: WYSE(…)
Because of the unique nature of these top devices, refer to the above Wyse link for information/support
– Wyse X90, X90e