AMD Fusion to be Demonstrated Next Month?

Fudzilla is reporting that AMD will be demonstrating It’s AMD Fusion technology early next month, at the IFA consumer electronics tradeshow in Berlin. IFA Berlin 2010 will take place from September 3rd – September 8th.

Fusion is a response to Intel’s work to integrate CPUs and graphics processors onto one chip, the “System-on-Chip” that has been talked about. AMD refers to it as “APU” which stands for “Accelerated Processing Unit” and they could be nearing production.

AMD Fusion information:
– 40nm, 64-bit, Virtualization support, SSE3 support
– AMD and ATI architecture – CPU + GPU
– Expected sometime in 2011, maybe in production late 2010.
– Maybe code-named Ontario
– Not just for netbooks – also tablets, other devices
– Dual-Core
– May have integrated DirectX 11 support
– DDR3 Memory

Fudzilla also reports that AMD will be showing HD netbooks with “AMD Vision” which is, in my view, a fancy way of AMD laying out the market segments based on what you plan on doing with them. You can read more about AMD Vision at

Read: Fudzilla

More information:
AMD’s Future is Fusion website
AMD’s Fusion website
AMD’s Fusion blog

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Dual-Core Intel Atom N550 Available in Netbooks today

Intel has formally announced that as of today, a dozen new netbooks are available on the new dual-core Intel Atom N550 processors.

Intel Atom N550 “Pineview” Details:
– 64-bit, 45nm, with SSE3 and XD bit
– Dual-core, Hyper-Threading
– 1.5 GHz
– Built-in GPU is 200MHz, Maybe the Intel GMA 3150 or equivalent
– 2x 512 KB L2 Cache
– DDR2 800 MHz or DDR3 800 MHz memory
– 0.8 – 1.175 volts
– 8.5 W TDP (Thermal Design Power)

N550-based netbooks are shipping from these eight manufacturers plus others:
– Acer
– Fujitsu
– Lenovo
– LG
– Samsung
– Toshiba

Part of the press release:

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 23, 2010 – Intel Corporation announced today that a dozen of new netbooks based on its new mobile dual-core Intel® Atom™ processors are available in stores today. The netbooks – available now and through the end of the year from manufacturers including Acer, ASUS, Fujitsu, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, MSI, and Toshiba – enable new levels of support for applications like games, as well as Adobe Flash* technology for access to a number of Web pages including online hotel booking systems and multimedia sites such as YouTube* and Hulu*.

“Acer strives to continually improve on our customers’ total mobile experience, whether it is increased responsiveness or extended Internet interactivity through longer battery life,” said David Lee, associate vice president of Acer’s Mobile Computing Business Unit. “We are pleased to select dual-core Intel Atom processors for Acer netbooks, helping to empower netbook users achieve even more – both at work and at leisure.”

With the dual-core Intel® Atom™ processor N550, consumers can enjoy Internet access on the go with a more responsive experience in the same compact form factor, DDR3 memory support and similar great battery life as the single-core Intel® Atom™ processor N450.

The press release goes on to mention that they’ve shipped around 70 million Intel Atom CPUs for netboks since the launch back in 2008, and that the N550-based netbooks are available today. I’ll have a rundown of the available models later tomorrow.

Full Press Release:

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Site update – August 24, 2010

As you can see, I’ve recently started updating again, but I’ve had to pull about two dozen stories/pages as some template updates have left them unreadable. I’ll probably have them back up again by the end of this week.

There are going to be some massive updates. The back-end upgrade is complete, and now the front-end is being updated, so if anything displays abnormally, just hit refresh or give it a day or two.

I’ll also be fixing the site so that it displays properly in Google’s Chrome browser.


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SSD Roundup/Benchmarks for MacBook Pros

Bare Feats has put together a set of benchmarks with the second generation of Solid State Drives (SSDs) using the new 2010 Core i5 and i7 Apple MacBook Pros.

Included in the benchmarks are Apple’s normal Hard Drive options as well as their 512GB SSD option, and they are matched up against the following SSDs:
– Crucial C300 SSD
– Crucial M225 SSD
– Intel X25-M
– OWC Mercury Extreme SSD
– OCZ Vertex SSD
– OCZ Vertex LE SSD

In addition to the sequential and random read and writes, Bare Feats will be adding Photoshop, Compressor, Motion, and other benchmarks. While they are using MacBook Pros, most of the results should be applicable to other laptops and netbooks.


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Asustek CEO Discusses Netbooks, Eee Pad in Wake of iPad

Jerry Shen, Asustek’s CEO, gave a strong vote of confidence to Eee PC netbooks and their continuing ability to attract buyers in the wake of Apple’s iPad launch. In a conference with investors in Taipei earlier today, he discussed what he (and Asustek Computer) see as the difference between devices like Apple’s iPad and Asustek’s eee PC netbook line.

He considers tablet PCs to be a “cloud computing device” and mentioned that Apple has helped to give that market a boost. Shen sees it as iPad users storing their data online or “in the cloud” while netbook users continue to have a need to store data and software on the actual netbooks, which is a major difference between the two.

Asustek’s CEO did discuss the upcoming Eee Pad tablet PC later this year (June) at Computex Taipei 2010. The first models will be running some form of Microsoft Windows (probably Windows 7), and the launch will depend on customer demand. Shen said if there isn’t enough demand, the launch could be delayed.

Other items of interest: Asustek shipped 1.6 million devices in the Eee PC line in the first quarter of this year, but Shen believes this will go up as much as 5% this quarter. Overall they are predicting 18 million Eee PCs shipping this year alone, over twice as many as last year. They also appear to be following Apple’s lead and signing contracts for memory chips rather than dealing with the spot market and buying on demand, which should help lower prices over the long-term.

Read: PC World/Yahoo/IDG News Service

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