iPhones and Netbooks

James Kendrick has a great article about the rise of the netbooks and how they are changing the laptop landscape these days, and why peoples’ views (mainstream users) are changing. He points to the iPhone as changing how people are viewing netbooks. They are basically … Read more

Netbooks hurting Laptop Sales?

Are netbooks hurting laptop sales? It’s certainly an interesting question to ponder. There is definitely a segment of the existing “mainstream” (I hate that word these days, but it’s appropriate here) laptop market that would either benefit from a netbook / sub-notebook, or at the … Read more

MSI Wind U100 – Netbook Love Edition

Something that’s kind of cool (and kind of reminds us of the original intent of the netbooks / sub-notebooks), MSI is rolling out a special edition of the 10″ MSI Wind U100. It’s being referred to as the “MSI Wind Netbook Love Edition”. This new … Read more