Asus Eee PC 1000HE First Impressions (SlashGear)

Asus Eee PC Ewdison Then over at SlashGear has posted their first impressions and an unboxing of the 10-inch Asus Eee PC 1000HE. Their unit came with an 8700mAh high-capacity battery, which is part of the key to Asustek’s claims of a longer-than-average battery life for the 1000HE.

It also has the new “chiclet-style” keyboard, which Ewdison found …found very easy and comfortable to use.

He’s included a video of the unboxing as well. This looks to be the same model as you would find through the normal retail channels.

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Lenovo to go With NVIDIA Ion, VIA, Launch 11″, 12″, and 13″ Netbooks?

NVIDIA For now we’re going to file it under rumors, but DigiTimes is reporting on an article in the Chinese-Language Commerical Times that Lenovo will be very busy in the netbook/ultraportable market as far as larger displays and non-Intel chipsets and even non-Intel CPUs..

They mention that Lenovo plans to launch 11.6-inch and 12.1-inch models based on the NVIDIA Ion platform which provides a huge boost to graphics processing and HD video playback. It will still be utilizing an Intel Atom CPU, and both devices would be manufactured by Winston. They are also reportedly looking at a 13-inch NVIDIA Ion device.

They are also saying that Lenovo would be launching a VIA-based 12-inch netbook, which would put them in direct competition with the Samsung NC20.

The target is the second quarter of 2009 for the 11.6″ and 12.1″ NVIDIA Ion-based devices. If that’s the case (and we need more information before saying it is), Lenovo would be joining Acer as far as known NVIDIA Ion customers.

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10-inch Acer Aspire Ones – Acer’s Focus in 2009

Acer Aspire One 10-inch If you are wanting to buy something slightly larger than the 10.1″ Acer Aspire One, don’t get your hopes up anytime soon.

Scott Lin, Acer Taiwan’s President, said Acer doesn’t plan on releasing any netbooks/ultraportables above 10 inches. He did note that even the 10-inch devices have impacted the 12-inch market for notebooks/laptops, and I’m inclined to agree. In the past, you paid a high price to get something in that size range, and with these devices, we’ve seen a lot of interest from people who wouldn’t have been willing to buy one of the more expensive 12-inch laptops.

Lin did mention that he expected 25-30 million netbooks/ultraportables/mininotebooks to be sold in 2009, with the numbers going up to 40-45 million in 2010. According to Taiwan Economic News, they expect the 10-inch segment of the market to dominate in 2009, with up to 70% of the market share.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Acer’s Chairman said that Acer Aspire Ones account for around 30% of Acer’s notebook sales.

For those who are fans of the original Intel Atom-powered 8.9″ Acer Aspire One, you don’t need to worry. The 8.9-inch line will continue to be produced for the time being. Sometime later this month or earlier in March, Acer will make some pricing and specification adjustments to the line,

Wall Street Journal
Taipei Times
Taiwan Economic News

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Dell Inspiron Mini 10 – More Info, Hands-On, US Release Date

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 The 10.1″ 16:9 Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is going to be one of the first mainstream netbooks/ultraportables available with an HD display (720p – 1366×768). As such, it’s garnered a lot of attention since CES 2009. Today, we finally found out quite a bit more about it, through a few different channels.

Direct2Dell and QVC have indicated that it will be available for order tomorrow through QVC’s shopping channel (and possible website). There were also details released about configurations available directly from later this week or next week.

Dell has also posted a promotional video about the Mini 10:

One very important note – initial Mini 10s will have 1GB of RAM and will NOT be upgradeable.

$399 Base Model (
– 10.1″ Glossy 1024×576 (non-HD) display
– Intel Atom Z520 1.3GHz CPU
– 1GB RAM w/160GB HDD
– 3-Cell Battery
– Windows XP Home
– 1.3MP Webcam

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Samsung NC20 Battery Benchmarks

Samsung NC20 has published some battery benchmarks of the new VIA Nano-powered 12.1″ Samsung NC20. Sascha has now had the chance to work with both prototypes and production models from Samsung. This is netbook/ultraportable that’s being followed closely by quite a few people, as it’s the first mainstream device to be based around VIA’s new Nano CPU platform and their VX800 chipset. Being that the 10″ Samsung NC10 was well-received (and powered by an Intel Atom CPU), most of the comparisons are directly against the NC10.

Some of the battery benchmarks:
– Over 2 hours, 15 minutes in “worst case scenario” with CPU usage maxed out.
– DIVX playback – almost 5 hours
– General/typical web browsing, medium brightness – around 5.5 hours.

As the article mentions, the NC20 has a larger display, which does affect the battery life and should be taken into account.

They’ve also included quite a few CPU and memory/bandwidth benchmarks, and overall, according to Sascha, VIA’s Nano platform is a real competitor to the Intel Atom platform/CPU. This is extremely good news – hopefully it’ll prompt Intel to get the dual-core Atoms out there quicker, and possibly help with companies moving to the NVIDIA Ion platform.

Read: (German) (English translation)

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