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HP Compaq 2133 – Entry Level – $499, VIA?

I mentioned an article on CNET about how maybe the Palm Foleo wasn’t such a bad idea. There was a single line in the article that mentioned the would-be UMPC laptop (or subnotebook or whatever) from HP, the HP Compaq … Continue reading

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Palm Foleo: Not so dumb?

Over at CNET, Erica Ogg writes that the Palm Foleo may not have been such a dumb idea after all, in light of the recent spate of sub-11″ laptops or would-be laptop UMPCs. She mentions that many see the Asus … Continue reading

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HP Compaq 2133 Roundup

Continuing our trend of discussing the Asus Eee PC’s competition, Several articles have started popping up about the HP Compaq 2133, including a very interesting one about what might be under the hood of the 2133. We should almost treat … Continue reading

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Leaked: HP Compaq 2133

About six hours after I posted my speculations about an HP UMPC, my inbox gets flooded with almost a dozen emails pointing the way to the Engadget story that came out today. Yep, it’s a doozy, it would appear that … Continue reading

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Gigabyte M912V Review (LAPTOP Mag)

Joanna Stern over at LAPTOP Magazine has published her full review of the convertible 8.9″ Gigabyte M912V, one of the most interesting of the netbooks / sub-notebooks. The model reviewed , the M912V can be had for $699 USD (a … Continue reading

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