Apple – OLED for Netbooks?

On top of the rumors already floating around, Smarthouse published an article last week claiming that not only is Apple close to launching a touch screen-based netbook, but that they have been looking at using OLED display technology for both the display and a keyboard. … Read more

Qualcomm, Freescale to Launch ARM-Based Netbooks at Computex?

DigiTimes is reporting that Qualcomm and Freescale will both be launching ARM-based netbooks/ultraportables at the upcoming Computex Taipei. As recently as January of this year (CES 2009), Freescale was showcasing it’s netbook platform. Back in November, it was reported that ARM was working with Canonical … Read more

More Apple Touchscreen Netbook Rumors (Dow Jones)

Dow Jones Newswires is reporting that “two people close to the situation” have told them that Apple will be launching a touchscreen netbook as early as the second half of 2009 (from July on). This follows yesterday’s report from DigiTimes/Commercial Times concerning a touch screen … Read more

Microsoft’s Windows 7 Netbook Challenge

Netbooks, Sub-notebooks, ultraportables, whatever you want to call them, Microsoft is trying to figure out how to maximize their revenue from potential Windows 7 sales, without causing the manufacturers to go with an alternative. This is an issue that Microsoft has been looking at for … Read more

Apple To Launch Touchscreen Netbook in 3Q 2009?

We’ll treat it as a rumor for now, but among the rumors, it’s a lot more solid than mos. DigiTimes is reporting on a Chinese-language Commercial Times publication that Wintek will be providing touch panels for a touchscreen netbook from Apple. There is a lot … Read more