Apple’s Back to the Mac Event – October 20, 2010

Today is potentially a big day for ultraportable fans who are looking for something smaller than the 13″ MacBook Air from Apple. No, it’s not going to be a netbook. Steve Jobs considers the iPad to fill in that niche in the Apple ecosystem. It’s … Read more

eLocity A7 Touchscreen Tablet Available for Pre-Order at Amazon

I just got a notice that the new eLocity A7 7-inch touchscreen tablet running Google’s Android 2.2 is available for pre-order. It’s an exclusive. It’s interesting because it’s going to be a direct competitor to Apple’s iPad, and it’s basically running the same hardware … Read more

Asustek CEO Discusses Netbooks, Eee Pad in Wake of iPad

Jerry Shen, Asustek’s CEO, gave a strong vote of confidence to Eee PC netbooks and their continuing ability to attract buyers in the wake of Apple’s iPad launch. In a conference with investors in Taipei earlier today, he discussed what he (and Asustek Computer) see … Read more