Windows SideShow

What is Windows SideShow
– Windows SideShow is basically a new technology that uses a feature in Microsoft Windows Vista (SideShow Gadgets or Microsoft Gadgets – Wikipedia article)to display information on a secondary/auxiliary LCD display (usually around 2.5″ – 2.8″, with a QVGA resolution – 320 x 240). On laptops, it’s built into the outside of the display. You can use it with the laptop closed when the laptop is basically suspended or in hibernation (depends on the laptop). It can also connect to some mobile devices (including phones) through either Bluetooth or some kind of wireless. It’s claimed that it can last 100s of hours because the display is very energy efficient (in comparison to the normal LCD laptop display).

What can you access:
– Contact information
– Maps
– Email
– Calendar/Schedule
– Some multimedia content (MP3s, etc.)

What does it look like:

Ultraportable Laptops that incorporate Windows SideShow:
LG R200

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