Buying Low-End Dell? You Pay Shipping For Home Delivery

According to Reuters yesterday, Dell is going to stop free shipping for low-end computers to customers’ homes. It’ll still be free if you pick it up at the Post Office. It could run upto or beyond $99 for 3-5 day shipping to your home according to the Dell website currently, but that is subject to change – Dell has not set a formal price for home delivery in light of this announcement.

Dell is among shippers taking part in the Postal Service’s “hold for pickup” program, launched on Thursday, which is aimed at consumers who want to save money by picking up packages held for them at the post office.

Customers have 10 days to pick up parcels before they’re returned to shippers, the Postal Service said in a statement on its Web site.

I understand where Dell is coming from, but this could up the price significantly for some of their products such as the Inspiron 700M.

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