Computerworld: MacBook Airs Approach Perfection

Computerworld has put together an extensive review of the new Mid 2011 Apple MacBook Airs, both the 11-inch and 13-inch Intel Core i5 models. They feel that people in the market for a Mac laptop should look at the MBA, thanks to the new Ultra-Low-Voltage (ULV) Intel Core i5 CPUs that power both models. There is an Intel Core i7 upgrade, although the main benefits are speed and an increase in L3 cache. The move to Intel’s Sandy Bridge platform has been kind to the Macbook Airs, but Computerworld also points out that with the Thunderbolt port, the MacBook Airs increase the usability and potential market for the MacBook Airs. Thunderbolt lets you use an external display plus Thunderbolt-based stoage (much faster than USB or FireWire), and with an adapter, ethernet or FireWire.

It’s a very glowing review, with the claims of “If the MacBook Air is the future of the Mac laptop, the future is now” and “The 11-inch MacBook Air might not be the perfect computer, but it’s as close to perfect as Apple’s ever come..

Full article: Computerworld