– Update (August 30, 2010)

Later today – August 30, 2010, I’ll be rolling out a new template/theme for the website that should be a lot faster and easier to navigate. It’ll take advantage of some of the upgrades I’ve done to the back-end software. I’ve been working off and … Read more

Site update – August 24, 2010

As you can see, I’ve recently started updating again, but I’ve had to pull about two dozen stories/pages as some template updates have left them unreadable. I’ll probably have them back up again by the end of this week. There are going to be some … Read more

Dec 23 – 26, 2008

For the next few days, I’ll have limited access to the internet and so I’ll be sticking to a light posting schedule. In the meantime, I recommend these sites: – jkOnTheRun – GottaBeMobile – liliputing – SlashGear – UMPCPortal

Site Updates – September 12 – 14

I’ll be posting very sporadically over the next few days – I have relatives and friends in town who are staying with us while Hurricane Ike makes its way through the Houston area. Thankfully I’m nowhere near it – James Kendrick on the other hand, … Read more

Site Updates, Contact (Aug 16, 2008)

Things may have seemed a little slow this morning – I was doing a few dates on the site. Things should be back to normal (should in fact be slightly faster). I’ve also fixed the contact page – we were having some problems with spam, … Read more