Amazon Kindle 2 Announcement Today

The sequel to Amazon’s Kindle e-Book reader is due to be announced today, if all of the rumors and speculation (and press invites) are true. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that in addition to the new version of the Kindle, Amazon will be announcing … Read more

PC Magazine Goes Digital Only

PC Magazine has announced that they are going 100% digital and will no longer be selling print editions. It’s the flagship magazine of Ziff Davis Media and and has been printed for nearly 30 years. It’s not too surprising – apparently a large majority of … Read more

Google Chrome – A New Browser

Google has made available their own internet / web browser, dubbed Google Chrome (or Chrome for short). It’s free, open-source, lightweight, and (so far) easy to use. They’ve worked on unifying the interface quite a bit more than other browsers. It does have components from … Read more

Phoenix Mars Mission Touches Down

If you are a fan of space exploration like me, tonight (Sunday night – May 25, 2008), was a huge night. The Phoenix Mars Lander successfully touched down almost seven hours ago. We’ve just now received the first color photographs back (black & white ones … Read more

Netflix Player by Roku

Quite a few of us have Netflix accounts (Netflix is a online DVD rental company – they mail DVDs out to you, you watch them, send them back in the pre-paid mailer and then get a new one). Netflix and Roku have announced theNetflix Player. … Read more