Operating Systems

This page will be expanded in the next few weeks (September 2010) and the links below will be updated.

– Google Android
Linux on laptops
Microsoft Windows 7 (outdated)
Microsoft Windows 8

Related Information:
Windows Sideshow – technology introduced in Windows Vista that is tied to Microsoft’s Windows Sidebar and Microsoft Gadgets and that allows for the display of information from Sidebar/Gadgets within a secondary display, usually embedded into the lid of a laptop. It’s an “instant-on” type of software access that helps reduce battery usage while still allowing some functionality (checking calendars, email, etc.). Google Android has a similar feature called “Threemote” but overall Windows Sideshow didn’t do so well, becoming more of a gimmick than anything. It was a good idea in theory, but smartphone platforms such as Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android were able to fill the need much better and more efficiently, without the need of removing the laptop from a bag/case, etc.

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