PowerBook to gain iSight, iBook to go widescreen in 2006 (AppleInsider)

AppleInsider is reporting rumors of Apple’s future plans regarding PowerBooks and iBooks:

Along with its transition to Intel processors, Apple Computer in the first half of next year will introduce new eye-catching industrial designs for both of its laptop offerings, AppleInsider has learned

…….sources familiar with Apple’s Macintosh hardware roadmap say the company is striving to unveil a completely redesigned set of Intel iBook laptops just in time for next year’s K-12 educational buying season, which takes place around April or May.

Among the specifics mentioned, a 13-inch widescreen design for the iBooks, and that there is no 12-inch PowerBook in the roadmap (AI reports that the redesigned PBs will be released before the iBooks).

This makes me think they’ll have some kind of ultraportable that they are keeping really secret…perhaps even a convertible/tablet-based PowerBook (here’s hoping it’s in the 10-11-inch widescreen range).

I can’t see Apple igoring the ultraportable market. It would be a dumb business descision.

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