Will Intel’s Napa chip run Apple laptop?

Dean Takahashi has written an article for the Mercury News/SiliconValley.com about possible plans for Apple and Intel, specifically in regards to Intel’s new platform and CPUs coming out next month. As the article mentions, the new platform and CPUs represent the biggest upgrade laptops/notebooks in the past few years. Even if they don’t make their way into Apple’s initial Intel-based Mac offerings, you should see more than a few ultraportables sporting the new CPUs – as we mentioned yesterday, and as was mentioned in this article, they are going to provide a lot of power/battery savings, while increasing the computing power.

Will Intel’s Napa chip run Apple laptop?

Intel announced Tuesday that its new line of chips will be built into more than 230 new laptop computers coming in 2006, making them much better at running music, movies and other digital media.

But it wouldn’t say a word about whether that includes the laptop creating the most buzz, expected from its new marquee customer, Apple Computer.

The new laptops are based on Intel’s new Napa platform that will enable the biggest upgrade in two years for portable technology.

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