Review: Itronix Hummer IX600 (PC Magazine)

Itronix Hummer IX600
PC Magazine has published a review by Cisco Cheng , of the Itronix Hummer IX 600 “ruggedized laptop”. The Hummer has a 12.1-inch non-widescreen display, and is powered by a regular Pentium M. It does weigh in at over six pounds, however it’s meant to be used in the outdoors or in environments where it might get banged around a bit. A touchscreen option is available.

A few of PC Magazine’s thoughts:

The system is ideal if you’re out in the field all day (think construction workers, architects, park rangers, field scientists, and so on)….

The Hummer laptop managed to last 3 hours 10 minutes on our battery life test, which is not as long as the Acer notebook’s 3:43 and not even close to the Panasonic Toughbook’s 6:17.

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