Article/Review: How Small is too Small for a Laptop?

Fujitsu P1510D
Flybook V3
How small is too small? is running an article from the Associated Press that attempts to address that very question. The article takes a fairly comprehensive look at the Flybook V3 and Fujitsu LifeBook P1510D /P1500. Both are “convertible” laptops – they have the ability to convert to a Tablet with some, if not all, of the Tablet PC functionality, and both have 8.9 inch displays.

Quote from the article:.

Nobody wants to lug around a 10-pound laptop anymore, but while computer makers scramble to roll out models that are ever smaller and lighter, nobody has stopped to ask just how small is too small.

Dialogue Technology Corp.’s Flybook and Fujitsu Ltd.’s Lifebook P1500 are two purse-size tablet computers that beg the question. Each has 8.9-inch displays and weighs less than 3 pounds.

…Celebrity endorsements of computers seem as absurd as wine recommendations from garbage collectors _ not that they have no taste in wine, but they’re not known as connoisseurs. Likewise, Hollywood celebrities aren’t known for their technological expertise, so it’s somewhat suspect that Heather Graham, Rosario Dawson and Elijah Wood are all Flybook fans _ or at the very least, they’ve been photographed with the computer

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