Review: Dell Inspiron 710M (LAPTOP Magazine)

Dell Inspiron 710m
LAPTOP Magazine has finished their review of the budget ultraportable notebook, the Dell Inspiron 710M. The 710M is a slight upgrade over it’s predecessor, the Dell 700M ( a bump in processor speed, case color, and software). It comes with a 12-inch display and can be had for right around $1000 – $1200 USD (if not cheaper, depending on configuration).

This is one of the first 710M reviews we’ve seen, if not the first. The model they reviewed had a 2.0GHz Pentium M as well as a DVD writer (Their review model was priced at around $1700 USD). They call it a a solid and affordable thin-and-light notebook and I don’t think the affordable part can be mentioned enough. Next to Averatec, they are one of the few notebook makers that price their ultraportables down in the $1000 range, and with a built-in optical burner and a 12.1-inch widescreen display, it, or rather it’s predecessor the 700M, have been one of the most looked at products here at

A good argument could be made by the Apple folks that if Dell can make a 2.0GHz Pentium M with an optical drive and a 12-inch widescreen for around $1000, that Apple should be able to come up with something similar spec- and price-wise.

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