Apple’s 30th B-Day and New MacBook Rumors

WHERE’S THE RUMORS? Sorry for shouting, it’s just very peculiar that all of the normal Apple/Mac rumor sites have been quiet about a new series of Apple ultraportables. There’s been a few events come and go over the past few months with plenty of rumors whirling around those, whether it’s patent applications or 13.3-inch widescreen iBooks (well MacBooks I guess) or 11.1-inch MacBook mini’s or MacTablets or whatever.

I would think that Apple would want to get at least their Intel-based iBook revisions out – back-to-school buying starts soon, along with various budget planners for the fall semester hashing out their purchases. Besides, it’s their 30th birthday saturday. Not too many of those kinds of opportunities where the press is singing your praises and the spotlight is completly on you. Windows Vista is having a mid-life crisis (and it hasn’t even shipped yet and won’t ship fully for another eight or nine months, if it in fact ships), and its’ a a great time to nearly finish off the Intel transition.

Not only that, but the MacBook Pros only have a 1-2 day wait, which means inventories and supplies of Intel chips are flowing smoothly.

I’m not saying I’d buy one, but I’m insanely curious after all of the patent applications for touchscreen interfaces and the rumor-mongering about this or that CPU from Intel making it into a really small UMPC-like device.