Intel 945GM vs 915GM Chipset Comparison (Plus ASUS W5F vs W5A)

ASUS W5FThe ASUS W5F is mentioned in a chipset shootout/review on MobilityGuru, where they compare the New Inte Core Duo 945GM chipset versus the older Centrino 915GM chipset. The W5F is an ultraportable Intel Core Duo based notebook, and it was mentioned/chosen because it’s very similiar to the ASUS W5A, based on the 915GM Chipset. Very, very, close as a matter of fact.

As expected, the Core Duo-based notebook was quite a bit more powerful, however MobilityGuru notes:
For productivity applications such as MS Word, Excel and Outlook, the added expense of a dual-core system, however, cannot be justified despite the marginal cost difference. Only those who run virus scans continuously in the background, and who regularly use multiple system services and more resource-intensive applications such as video editing or 3D rendering, are likely to appreciate the dual-core benefits. In other words, ordinary office users may not benefit from a dual-core system, but heavy-duty power users surely will.

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