ASUS S6F – On Sale Next Month

ASUS S6F Camel
The ASUS S6F, the luxury ultraportable notebook in ASUS’ lineup, is set to go on sale next month for around $3000 USD, according to Reg Hardware.

The S6F has a leather covering, which has caused some to be upset. It has an 11-inch widescreen display, and is powered by an Intel L2400 Core Duo CPU – it’s clocked at 1.66GHz and the L2400 is a low voltage CPU. It has an internal multiformat/dual layer DVD writer, 1GB of memory (no word on expansion), and a 100GB harddrive, and even with the internatl optical drive, it weighs under 4 pounds. had a short writeup on it last week as well.

No word on the pink version that was mentioned back in January, although pictures of a pink version are still carried on some ASUS’ pages. As it stands, the colors are Camel or Dark Chocolate (light or dark brown).

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