Announced: HP – Ultra-Capacity Battery, “Skins”

Along with yesterday’s announcements concerning new notebooks, HP announced a 12-cell ultra-capacity battery that can add up to 10 more hours of battery life as well as being used with your main/primary battery (basically stacking batteries together), which could lead to up to 16 total hours of battery power. They also announced “HP Skins from Skinit” that allow you to provide a unique covering for your PC or notebook.

HP 12-Cell Ultra-Capacity Battery:
Press Release (Adobe Acrobat/PDF File)
Note: Compatible with the HP Compaq tc4400 and nc4400, but not the nc2400.

The HP Ultra-Capacity Battery is a 12-cell Lithium-Ion battery that increases the battery life of your HP Business Notebook
by up to 10 hours and provides you with up to 16 total hours of battery power when used with a fully charged primary battery. It also features a unique integrated power connector and ships with a 65W Smart AC adapter enabling you to charge your battery when it is not
connected to your notebook giving you extended battery life whenever and wherever you need it.

HP Skins from Skinit

Set yourself apart from the crowd and create a PC environment that reflects your tastes and passions. Choose from a wide selection of designs from professional sports leagues, entertainment themes, college logos, colors and more. You can even create your own skins!!

While they don’t show the new models as having Skins available, you might check back in a few weeks, as I’m thinking they wouldn’t have announced these in conjunction with the new notebooks, if they didn’t intend for them to cover the new notebooks as well (pun intended).