HP’s tc4400 Tablet PC – Interesting Battery Life Numbers

HP Compaq nc4400
jkOnTheRun and Warner Crocker have raised some very interesting questions about the battery life of the just-announced HP Compaq tc4400 Tablet PC, a Tablet PC version of the ultraportable notebook – nc4400. As I mentioned yesterday, HP Compaq is offering a 12-cell ultra-capacity battery that can be used in conjunction with the main/primary battery.


I’m sure that with your power management set to be as judicious with juice as possible, you’ll likely get some good run time on the tc4400, but I have to question the stated run times. I also realize that most computer manufacturers express the “best scenarios”, but do these numbers on the spec sheet sound high or is it just my lack of understanding on how run times are calculated?

It raises some interesting questions – you should check out the full article and join in if you have any comments/experience.

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