Projects: Rebuilding a Lithium-Ion Laptop Battery

If you have been getting less than stellar performance out of your laptop’s Lithium-Ion battery, have a background in electronics (or like to think you do) and like do-it-yourself projects, Electronics Lab may have just the project for you – rebuilding a Li-Ion battery. Basically, for a lot less than the cost of buying a replacement battery, you can replace the cells inside of your existing battery pack.

Keep in mind the following warning:

But before step on this you must consider many parameters messing around Li-Ion batteries, about the way they are charged and the way you must handle them.

Special precautions must be taken to avoid Li-Ion battery fire up or explosion that can cause serious injuries. This is because Lithium when comes in contact with water or air’s moisture burns violently. Never try to extinguish such a fire with water! but only with suitable extinguisher.

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