Video: Dell’s Tablet PC (Latitude XT)

Dell Latitude Tablet PC

Dell has made it abundantly clear that they are coming out with a Dell Latitude Tablet PC (aka the Dell Latitude XT) later this year, in a video from Jeff Clarke, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Dell’s Business Product Group, reinforcing what Dell’s Director of Client Marketing for Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA), Eric Greffier, said earlier.

Here’s a quick transcript of his comments (apologies for any errors):

“I’m here today to end much speculation that there is in the industry about our plans in the tablet marketplace, and in fact I’m here to confirm rumors that we are entering the market and we will enter the market later this year with the Latitude Tablet PC.

That product is designed specifically for the education, the healthcare, and corporate marketplace, and the product
itself is an exciting product.

We have done a lot of engineering that makes it one of the lightest weight convertible tablets in the marketplace.

We have spent considerable time working on the interface to make it easy to use where it has a leadership technology in its pen and touch interface and the technology and customer and usage models have evolved to the point that it makes it right for Dell to enter the marketplace.

We’re excited and everybody, we’re coming”

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