SanDisk Announces 64GB Solid State Drives

SanDisk Solid State DiskSanDisk has announced the addition of 64GB Solid State Drives to their flash-memory based lineup. They come in two form factors:

– 1.8-inch Parallel ATA
– 2.5-inch Serial ATA (SATA)

SanDisk already has 32GB versions of these drives available, and they are intended to be drop-in replacements for existing drives. Among the benefits of Solid State Drives:

– Durability and reliability: No moving parts, helpful if a machine is dropped or jarred
– High performance: No moving parts means booting up a laptop or access files is much faster.
– Low power consumption: No moving parts plus other factors means a lower amount of power consumption which leads to an increase in battery life for most laptops.

Interestingly enough, they mention, in addition to business/enterprise users, gamers, as a target audience of these drives.

Full press release at

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