Review: Dell XPS M1330 ( Video)

Dell XPS M1330 has put together a “First Look Review” with video of theDell XPS M1330 in action, including a comparison with the 12.1-inch Dell XPS M1210.

It’s one of those “you have to see it to believe” type of things, but the 1330, even though it has a 13.3-inch display, is pretty close in size to the M1210 (and appears to be thinner).

Being that this is such a lightweight and thin laptop (right at four pounds and one inch high, depending on options), some have wondered if it would be sturdy and able to handle a typical environment. Notebook Review mentioned this:

he interior/keyboard surface as well as the LCD sides and hinges are made of brushed aluminum which provides amazing rigidity. While the glossy widescreen 13.3” LCD is thin and somewhat flexible, there are no noticeable ripples even when pressing firmly or flexing the screen.

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