Announced: Haier V60

Haier V60 Haier was showing off their new Haier V60, a rather unique ultraportable. The Haier V60 was being shown at the China International Consumer Electronics Show (SINOCES).

When you visit the photo gallery at, you’ll notice something very unique, that you may or may not be able to tell from the thumbnail to the right – the display is basically mounted on an arm that allows it to extend up from the laptop by several inches. This is not the same as the “convertible” laptops where the screens swivel and then lay down over the keyboard, transforming into a Tablet PC. Whether or not the display is a touchscreen is unknown at this time.

Two things of interest: It has “GPS” mentioned in the sticker on the display model – whether that means built-in GPS or not remains to be seen. The other is the unique Intel sticker on the V60 – in addition to the normal Intel Centrino Duo sticker, there is another with the same shape that says “Haier & Intel” and “Design by Intel”. Whether this was an Intel concept laptop that Haier decided to produce remains to be seen (as well as the price and availability).

Some of the specifications of the model shown:
– 12.1-inch widescreen, 1280×800 display
– Intel Core Duo Ultra Low Voltage L2400 (1.66GHz, 2MB L2 Cache)
– Intel 945GMS Mobile Chipset with Intel GMA 950 Graphics Chipset
– 120GB/160GB Hard Drive with 9.5mm Dual-Layer SuperMulti DVD Writer
– ExpressCard 34/54 slot
– Integrated 1.3MP Web Camera
– Weighs around 3.75 pounds and is one inch high (with DVD writer)

Source: Engadget

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