Article: Finding Energy Efficient Laptops (PC Magazine)

Energy Star Laptops An article by Melissa J. Perenson was posted yesterday on PC Magazine, How to Find the Most Energy-Efficient Laptop Available. It talks about the new Energy Star 4.0 qualification process, the fact at launch, there were 122 desktops and laptops on the list (including same models, but different subtypes). Out of those 122, the majority were laptops, and a not-so-surprising number were ultraportable laptops. This should be no surprise as many ultraportables use Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) CPUs.

They mention using the ENERGY STAR website run by the US government (List of ENERGY STAR-compliant computers here).

Excerpt from the article:

The Environmental Protection Agency today introduced its first complete refresh of its Energy Star specification for computers. The EPA estimates that over the next five years, the updated Energy Star computer spec will save American businesses and consumers $1.8 billion in energy costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the emissions of 2.7 million cars.

The computer Energy Star spec, designed to help save the environment and save consumers money, was first introduced in 1992. Now in its fourth iteration, the spec has broadened its scope to encompass a wider breadth of computer usage. The EPA says that only the most energy-efficient computing products will qualify for the Energy Star label.

Just browsing through that list, I came across these ultraportables:
Acer TravelMate 6292
Gateway E-100M
Gateway E-155C
Lenovo ThinkPad Reserve
Lenovo ThinkPad X61
Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet
Lenovo ThinkPad X61s
Toshiba Portege M600
Toshiba Portege R500
Toshiba Satellite U300 and Satellite U305
Toshiba Tecra M8

Update: The Toshiba Portege M600 has some models that have been certified: PPM60U, PPM61U

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