Video of Fujitsu U8240 (U800)

Fujitsu FMV-U8240 UMPC There is a great video up on YouTube, concerning the Fujitsu U8240 / U800. It’s almost six minutes long.

The Fujitsu FMV U8240 or Fujitsu U800 (or even U1010), is really a unique ultraportable. It’s classified by most as a UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC), however it’s got a physical keyboard like a convertible laptop, which many UMPCs don’t have. It’s like a smaller version of the Fujitsu P8240 (which is the replacement for the Fujitsu P1610), which has an 8.9″ display. The U800 series has a 5.6″ widescreen display (1024×600) and is powered by Intel’s A110 CPU (800MHz, 512K L2 Cache) CPU, aka “Stealy”, and is based on the “Intel Ultra Mobile Platform 2007″ or “McCaslin”.

Some of the features:
– Convertible – converts between Tablet PC and Laptop
– LED-backlit Display
– Weighs 1.3 pounds / 580g
– Up to 8 or so hours using extended battery

Video at Ultra Mobile PC Tips via (yes, it should be called the the Storm Trooper UMPC).

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