Asus R1E: It’s on the FCC Site

Asus R1E Looks like the Asus R1E has shown up on the FCC website, confirmed by PC Joint. This means we should be seeing fairly soon, as it undergoes FCC testing for compliance and certification.

The Asus R1E is the latest Intel Santa-Rosa based Tablet PC/Laptop (“convertible”) to be released (or rather soon to be released). It has a 13.3″ widescreen touchscreen display, weighs just under 4.5 pounds (pretty amazing for a 13.3″ Tablet PC convertible), and is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo (possibly a T7500 – 2.2GHz with 4MB L2 Cache or a T7100 1.8GHz with 2MB L2 Cache). It’s going to use Intel’s GMA X3100 graphics chipset, and will have a Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive up to 160GB, with a built-in dual-layer DVD Writer.

Relevant Links:
FCC Listing
Photos (Adobe Acrobat/PDF Format)


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